Maxximum Rock City

Today I was feeling rather like Batman, or Batwoman as the case may be, so I donned my cape and mask and went in search of evil. Well I did not find evil, instead I found an amazingly well done urban city called Maxximum Rock City. It is a work of love, love of music, love of sex, and the love of creating a livable work of art. Do visit, there are concerts and rentals if you enjoy the ambiance as much as I did.

The dress is Furtacor Hero Dress, free with Maitreya Gifts,  Sales and News group join.  The mask and cape are part of a costume by [8ADN] called BATGIRL but I was unable to find it in the marketplace or inworld.




Welcome to my tea house.  Let me pour you a cup and hope it refreshes you.

I am wearing Milky House Yukata NatuBotan $250L.  It comes complete with geta (the shoes).  The hair is Tuty’s Maiko Updo $160L on the marketplace.  It comes with the hairstick.

In case you were wondering, Chashitsu means a tea house where the tea ceremony is performed.  This marvelous tea house was $249L on the marketplace.  The best part….it is only 1 prim, and there are 10 different patterns to choose from.  To complete the look The Japanese Ocha Color Change Tea Table set.  It is $399L on the marketplace, but worth every penny.  The animations are wonderful and it comes with a lantern, bamboo planters and a food rezzer as well as tea.  The color of the rug, table and cushions can be changed via a hud.

Halloween in Spring


I love to explore and dress up so it is no surprise one of my favorite times in SL is Halloween.  Sometimes I just can’t wait so I looked to see if there are any haunted houses still around and guess what!  There are lots!  I decided to visit one and chose Deeproot Manor.

From the outside it is dark and creepy, just like a haunted house should be.  On the inside there are ghosts, bats, skeletons and all the other scary things one would expect.  In the basement I found a teleport to a graveyard and was greeted by screams of terror.  I loved it!

For my visit I dressed in this amazing Goth Matron Gown by Dead Dollz $849L on the marketplace.  Although I do have an amazing Elvira hair I went with this beautiful curly Sassafras Hair by Analog Dog.  Nobody does curls like they do.  $275L.

Little Fish of the Sea


With my red hair of course people call me Ariel whenever I’m a mermaid, but I am Melody, Little Fish of the Sea.  Try as you might, you can’t catch me!

I am visiting Creations Park, an underwater joy to behold.  The glowing plant growth, ship wrecks, dancing areas and even mer rentals make it a colorful, fun experience to swim in.  You don’t have a mermaid costume?  No problem!  There are free mermaid and merman costumes, snorkle gear and even a mer ao you can pick up at the landing point.

I got this lovely pink mer costume TNN Mermaid Costume Flowering in Cherry Blossoms $400L at Creations Park.

Olivia’s Creepy Diner


What can I getcha?  Fingers?  Toes?  How about brain stew?  The other day I was feeling nostalgic for my nooby days and wondered if this place was still around.  It is!  Olivia’s Creepy Diner, a diner on the northern spur road in Seokchon region.  Open 24 hours.  There are dances, creepy stuff, terrible food and horror trivia that pays $1L for each correct answer.

Outfit FYE Diner Girl Uniform $200L on the marketplace.